PRASQUAL intro [pdf | 114kB]

Prasqual in short statements

Prasqual ©Matthias Baus


"I regard composing as forming air and time, and the sound as a physical phenomenon: abstract and sensual, sacral and erotic. Musical theatre, microtonality, space and rituals in the music are the main fields of my interest."


"Bringing scores to life is a fascinating experience and a possibility of shaping the music very directly through the gesture, with no need for words."


"As a pianist, I like to create timeless musical structures. Composing a piano recital is constructing - with all love for details and never losing the formal feeling for the entire structure."

  • ShortNews: Premiere new version of PERNYAI in Polish Radio, Warsaw (PL)
    • 20th of June 2016 19:00
      Silesian String Quartet, clarinet: Roman Widaszek; piano: Piotr Sałajczyk
  • ShortNews: Two Perspectives, view on works of Prasqual in Verscio (CH)
    • 11th (20:30) + 12th (11:00) of June 2016
      piano, sound projection: Prasqual, twice with different programs info
  • ShortNews: Prasqual on Polish Radio
    • Friday 27th of November 2015, 22:00: Portrait of Prasqual. Listen
      Wednesday 25th of November 2015, 23:34: Prasqual & George Aperghis. Listen
  • ShortNews: Prasqual on radio Deutschlandfunk
    • Saturday 14th of November 2015, 22:05: Radioprogram Atelier neuer Musik is dedicated to Prasqual. Read more